TEDx Talk: “You’re Doing it Wrong, Dad!"

Trent McKnight

May 7, 2021

Watch TEDx Talks: "You're Doing it Wrong, Dad!"

Details: Trent McKnight shares how to harness the unique reference point of youth to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.  As a former 4-H member, national FFA president and the founder of AgriCorps, an agricultural development organization working in sub-Saharan Africa, Trent explains the economic impact youth can have by reframing better farming practices and technologies to their parents.

About the Speaker:  Trent McKnight - Agricultural Leader & Operating Partner
Trent is the founder of AgriCorps and The Movement for School-Based Agricultural Education (SBAE), an agricultural development initiative focused on sub-Saharan Africa.  He has served as an agricultural economist to the US Military in Iraq and the World Food Program in Liberia.  He is a cattle rancher, a former member of the Texas 4-H Council and a former national president of the Future Farmers of America (FFA). Trent is a VestedWorld Operating Partner.

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