Our Process

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At VestedWorld, we aim to make the investment process as clear and transparent as possible for entrepreneurs. We understand that the fundraising process is challenging and we want to do our part to help make the process smoother for startups that we work with. Below is a brief outline of our investment process:


We identify startups from a variety of different sources including conferences, co-investors, advisory firms, cold inbounds, accelerators and internal research


We request an initial meeting with entrepreneurs after conducting our internal screening process. If there is an initial fit, VestedWorld will request 1-2 follow-up calls with entrepreneur, discuss the opportunity internally, and draft a screening memo to share with our investment committee

Due Diligence

 VestedWorld conducts a full and thorough assessment of the business across product-market fit, management team, market & competition, scale & expansion, financial analysis, investment structure, exit strategy and portfolio fit. The team then presents the investment opportunity to our investment committee

Final Approval & Closing

If the deal is approved by the investment committee, the startup enters the closing phase where legal negotiations are finalized and capital disbursements are initiated


While this marks the end of the investment process, it is the beginning of our journey with the startup. VestedWorld is an active investor and we provide support across strategy, fundraising and operations to the companies we invest in

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