About Us

We invest to create a more equitable and prosperous world.

VestedWorld’s mission is to catalyze growth and development in some of the most underserved markets around the world. We believe that unlocking the economic potential that exists throughout these markets will benefit everyone and lead to a more secure and equitable world.

We leverage our deep knowledge and networks to identify businesses that can play a role in transforming industries and places where we invest. We allow our investors to do well by doing good, diversifying their portfolios and earning competitive returns while addressing global development goals.

With an eye on high-growth industries, we target early stage companies with tremendous potential to create meaningful jobs, provide fair wages and fuel widespread economic progress throughout their communities and regions.

Our Purpose

The most effective way to alleviate poverty is through economic development.

Our mission is to catalyze sustainable economic growth by increasing the flow of capital into developing countries.

Emerging markets are some of the fastest growing in the world, where rising consumer demand has spurred a new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. They understand the real needs and nuances of their regions, and with sufficient capital and the right support, their companies can become true engines of economic growth.

Everyone benefits as these companies thrive - the entrepreneurs; employees of the companies, their families, and the businesses and institutions that they purchase from and support; the company’s suppliers, customers, and partners; local, regional, and national governments, the company’s investors, and the global community. Each company’s success enables us to provide financial returns and evidence of credible impact to our investors, allowing us to invest in more businesses, create greater impact, and improve lives and livelihoods around the world.

Investment Strategy

All can do well by doing good. 

VestedWorld seeks to deliver competitive and diversified returns to investors by investing in the top entrepreneurs building businesses in core industries across several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. We conduct comprehensive due diligence prior to making each investment and take a hands-on approach to managing our portfolio companies and adding value. In addition to earning strong financial returns, our investments help create a more prosperous and secure world. 

The three primary countries that we invest in are Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. We also consider opportunities in four secondary countries: Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. VestedWorld invests in three sectors that we view as essential to the growth of any developing country: Agribusinesses, Consumer Products, and Technology-enabled businesses. 

We believe that we can have a profound impact on the development of the economies where we invest and the people that our portfolio companies employ.

More than 40 happy clients

More than 40 happy clients

More than 40 happy clients