Kigali, Rwanda
Agribusiness / Food Distribution


The food service distribution sector in Rwanda (and Africa more broadly) is largely informal with restaurants and hotels procuring their supplies from open air markets and fragmented suppliers. The supply for perishable and nonperishable goods is unreliable, inefficient, expensive, and below quality standards. Separately, developed countries are increasingly demonstrating a high demand for a wide variety of fresh horticultural products, but must import these products at a high cost due to the supply/demand imbalance.


Rwanda aims to become a middle-income country by 2035 and a high-income country by 2050. Key to achieving this goal is its hospitality and tourism sector. Rwanda has four national parks and tourism is the leading foreign exchange earners for the country. Rwanda has also established itself as a regional and global hub for conferences and events. With the hyper-focus on hospitality and tourism, food quality needs to meet international standards. Furthermore, the government is prioritizing the export of horticulture to further boost foreign exchange earnings.


Get It provides Rwanda’s first full-service food distribution offering whereby the hospitality industry gains consistent, reliable, and fair-priced access to horticulture produce and non-perishable goods. The Company is further expanding its product line to include a wider range of dry goods, meat, dairy, and seafood. By cutting out excessive intermediaries, Get It improves the efficiency of Rwanda’s food supply chain. Get It’s ISO 22000 certification for food processing ensures the highest level of safety and quality standards. Moreover, the Company is able to utilize its position to develop horticulture value chains and products for export to more development countries.

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