Kenya & Rwanda


Millions of women in East Africa lack access to health, personal care and beauty products that are high quality, affordable, and that can be trusted to be genuine. Moreover, some products face stigmas (such as sexual health products) that prevent women from feeling comfortable buying these products from impersonal shops that have no expertise, no confidentiality, and no connection to the customer.


The internet is expected to contribute $300 billion to the African economy by 2025, with $75 billion coming from e-commerce. Many African markets exhibit consumers with low trust levels, making the Kasha omnichannel model and value proposition, built on trust, brand, and consumer understanding, a particularly promising approach.


Kasha wants to make it easy for women to get the health & personal care products they need especially in low-income rural areas of emerging markets. As a critical lever, they make it easy for manufacturers of women’s health and personal care products to get their products to the people that need them, especially in low-income rural areas of emerging markets. Built for urban and rural areas, with or without internet access, Kasha empowers all women to confidentially and affordably purchase the products they need to live their best lives.

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