Media 256
Kampala, Uganda
Media (Film & Television)


There exists an insatiable appetite for media content in Africa, but the current production quality of the available content made on the continent often lags behind the content created in markets such as the United States and Europe. The result is a gap between the desire for high-quality, locally-produced content and what is currently available.


According to McKinsey’s Global Media Report, the African media market is expected to continue to expand at double-digit growth rates into the foreseeable future, buoyed by double-digit growth in digital advertising. Alongside this explosive growth, consumers are demanding more and more local content.


Media 256 is a media company that is changing the landscape for video content in Africa, one video at a time. Using state-of-the-art equipment and production methods, the Media 256 produces high-quality content by and for the African market, distinguishing it from content produced abroad and re-purposed for local markets.

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