Nairobi, Kenya
Tech-enabled Logistics


An efficient logistics sector is key to a country’s economic growth and competitiveness. However in East Africa today, transport costs are among the highest in the world. These high costs are not only due to poor infrastructure, but also a result of limited technology and expertise, a fragmented market, and a high degree of bureaucracy. As a result, logistics costs account for a large portion of consumer prices, and negatively impact the standard of living for the 170 million people in the region. As it stands, enterprises have limited options when it comes to addressing their logistics needs.


The Kenyan logistics market is a $10B market with strong growth of over 10% annually over the past few years. The high level of supply fragmentation, among other issues, leads to many logistical inefficiencies.


Sendy reduces the need for multiple logistics partners, reduces delivery costs, reduces need for in-house transport assets, helps aggregate / improve efficiency of overall shipments, eases payment and reconciliation, and provides transparency / tracking, among other benefits to enterprises. For drivers, the Company offers unique benefits, including improved payment terms, package and driver/accident insurance, increased take-home pay, and more consistent shipments.

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