Terragon Group
Lagos, Nigeria
Enabling Technology - Marketing SaaS


Marketing has evolved over the decades from print, billboard, radio, and television advertisements to digital channels such as search, social media, video, and mobile, driven by technology and analytics. Despite increased penetration of mobile technology and the internet in Africa, brands have struggled to find the best way to engage with consumers through digital means due to a lack of actionable customer data and efficient digital engagement channels.


Mobile network operators across Africa have a large user base and are sitting on a trove of user data but, to date, have not capitalized on that resource. Furthermore, the digital marketing industry is going through a profound change because of data privacy changes that are phasing out the use of third-party cookies due to growing awareness of privacy issues.


Terragon provides mobile network operators with the tools needed to gather and monetize first party data collected directly from their users in compliance with data protection regulations and allows brands to effectively target existing and prospective customers and measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. The company’s software organizes and enriches customer data from various sources and helps brands gain a deeper understanding of consumers.

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